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LIDO french manufacturer bathroom furniture since 1953

LIDO Paris France

LIDO, a slide of history…

The brand LIDO Paris exists for more than 65 years and is specialized in the manufacture of bathroom furniture.

  • 1953: Birth of the company LIDO. M.LIGNON and M. DORI join forces and start a small workshop for the production of custom kitchen furniture at the Faubourg Saint-Antoine (Paris, France). The name LIDO comes from the association of their names.
  • 1962: The LIDO company is transferred to Pontault-Combault (France). LIDO goes beyond the framework of an artisanal production and begins to invest in innovative machines. These new industrial tools allow LIDO to work with the most trendy materials.
  • 1970: LIDO moves towards the manufacture of bathroom furniture. The sector is booming thanks to the economic dynamism and profound changes in the room.
  • 1995: LIDO ceases the production of kitchen furniture. Bathroom furniture becomes the specialty of the LIDO brand.
  • 2001: a new LIDO plant is built on the Ferrières en Brie site (Seine et Marne)
  • 2014: the LIDO brand is bought by Concilio. The brand is then transferred to the Lorraine region, in the heart of the Vosges (France).
  • 2015: More than 1,200 sanitary dealers ensure the distribution of LIDO furniture at the national level, whose strengths are: high quality and durability, tailor-made know-how, creations adapted to the current market demand.
  • From 2018: Lido Paris goes international. The website is completely redesigned and translated into English and German. In addition, the brand Lido Paris will be present for the first time at ISH (the world’s leading trade fair for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Water) from March 11 to 15, 2019 in Frankfurt (Germany) .


65 years of know-how!

From its early days, LIDO has prioritised quality over price and this remains behind every brand decision.

In the 80s, the company has denied over productivity methods and has chosen to keep high quality standards by keeping a local site in the Paris area, where labour forces are expensive and extremely skilled.

Every piece of LIDO bathroom furniture is witnessing the knowlegde and competencies of dedicated staff. The production plants are extremly modern, yet, finishings remain hand-made and quality control is operated at once by LIDO’s teams. The choice of materials (such as LIDO’s ceramics, Solid Surface Staron or beautiful marbles) also illustrates the company’s passion for detail, quality and beauty.

LIDO’s stamp : trendy yet classy

The unique style of LIDO’s current collections is the designer Patrick Lignon’s work. Hisinspirations come from travelling, a passion for architecture and for everything technologically advanced. His original creations boast contemporary designs with luxurious materials to offer furniture with a strong identity and producing somewhat magical athmospheres.

A bathroom for every personnality

With its avant-garde thinking, LIDO has reached its aim to elevate the bathroom to the status of central habitation point; an intimate space where one can unite body and soul and take time to fully regenerate. Every bathroom is fully customisable to reflect the personnaily of its master : for this, LIDO offers a whole range of designs, colours, dimensions, ‘made-to-measure’ services or even personnal printing.

Time resistant pieces

For comfort to last, furniture must resist time, light, humidity and daily wear and tear. LIDO is carefully selecting materials and studying possible harmfull mishappenings in order to maximise its products’resistance. Quality of the materials must meet LIDO’s standards from production to delivery to the client, and daily use.

Using this same thinking pattern, LIDO strives to produce goods that will adapt to its clients’lifestyle – not the contrary! For this reason, mirrors can be equiped with anti-fog systems,lights have been optimised to put make-up on, drawers have been studies to fit standard hairbrush sizes, and other personnal toiletries.

LIDO’s systems

With modular furniture, choices are numerous and imagination is the limit. Furniture are delivered pre-built in order to ease bathroom fitting (that should yet be performed by a professional). Vanity tops are prepared and pre perforated for selected vessels and taps.


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