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Customise your bathroom furniture!

Design Product Ranges Friday 21 May 2010

For the past 57 years, LIDO, families owned French brand, has concentrated its efforts in transforming bathrooms in a sanctuary for well being, life and comfort. Not only a functional space, bathrooms need to reflect the ones living in them. Flexible dimensions, made-to-measure techniques, virtually unlimited choices of materials and colours were all already established options with LIDO. Innovating furthermore, the brand now offers a 'personnalisation' or customisation service that allows clients to print their desired design or personnal picture on LIDO's bathroom furniture.

Love pop-art or bold statements?
Want to reflect your style and personnality in your home?
Thanks to a high tech panel digital printing technique, LIDO offers you a personnalisation service on all the Majik collection,launching LIDO's latest product : Majik Image.

Two option to choose your graphics : Either pick from LIDO's preselected images such as 'Love', 'Nenupop', 'Orchids' or 'Blue Roses'...
Either provide LIDO with your own image file on a CD or USB stick (high resolution files are preferable).
Once you've made your mind up, LIDO will print the desired image on your furniture in its Parisian production site and deliver it to you!

Furniture available in 80, 100 or 120cm wide. 8 layers hand sprayed laqua finish.
1 or 2 drawers fully opening drawers with no loss in drawer space thanks to LIDO's special collapsing siphons.

1 drawer furniture from 1420 Euros ex VAT.
2 drawer furniture from 2025 Euros ex VAT.

Meuble 1 module : à partir de 530€.
Meuble 2 modules : à partir de 954€.

Contact presse:
Cécile Chesseboeuf
01 64 76 42 52